Summary Specification


Size 84,514 sq ft (7,851.5 sq m)
Typical floor size (third floor) 14,366 sq ft (1,334.6 sq m)
Floor to ceiling height 2.75m on all office levels
Reception 2,918 sq ft (271.1 sq m)
Planning grid 1.5 x 1.5m
Planning grid 1.5 x 1.5m
Clear spanning floors with spans of 11m and 15m
Occupancy level 1 person per 8 sq m
Floor loading 3.50 kN/sq m + 1kN/sq m


Landlord’s standby power A 200 kVA standby generator for essential Landlord equipment is installed. Future provision for a 500kVA tenant standby generator is provided in a dedicated basement plant area
Air conditioning 4 pipe fan coil system
Internal acoustic criteria NR38 in offices
Lift provision 4 x 1,000 kg, 13 person passenger lifts
@ 1.6m / sec
1 x 2,000 kg, 26 person service lift @ 1m / sec
2 x firefighting lifts


WCs Male, female and disabled unisex WCs
on basement and upper levels
Shower facilities 13 showers – 6 male, 6 female and 1 unisex disabled shower
Lockers 106 bespoke, full height lockers
Bicycle parking 98 secure spaces at basement level

Outline Specification



Level 00 to 05 Portland stone and high performance glazed façade made up of floor to ceiling height windows of approximately 2.5 x 3.2 – 3.4m. Level 00 to 05 brick and high performance glazed façade to compliment the surrounding context of the Bow Lane conservation area. Level 06 to 07 highly transparent, bespoke, fully glazed, intelligent, double skin façade offering views across the City of London, the West End and towards the Southbank.

Key dimensions

Floor to ceiling height 2.75m on all office levels
Reception 2,918 sq ft (271.1 sq m)


Planning grid 1.5 x 1.5m

Clear spanning floors with spans of 11m and 15m.

Floor loadings – typical floor

(Information from Curtins Tender issue Design Criteria Report).


Gk (kN/sq m)

Qk (kN/sq m)

150mm raised floor with finish 0.25
Ceiling and services 0.45
Live loads 3.50
Partitions 1.0




Gk = Permanent loads    Qk = Variable loads

Means of escape

Means of escape for the office accommodation is based on phased evacuation, with an occupant density of 6.0 sq m / person.

WC design density

Single sex. 1 person per 6m2, 80% occupancy (assuming a 60:60 ratio between male and female). BS6465 Part 1–1:2006 + A1:2009. Allowance of 25 people using Disabled WC per floor. Each floor is provided with one unisex disabled WC.


Loading and service bay

Service yard is accessed from Watling Street in to Watling Court and exited via the same route.

Bicycle parking

98 secure bicycle spaces provided at basement level 1. High specification shower and changing facilities provided adjacent to bicycle store. 13 showers – 6 male, 6 female + 1 unisex accessible WC / shower accessed via passenger lifts. 106 bespoke full height lockers.


Lift design density

Occupancy at 1 person per 8 m2 NIA
(with 20% absenteeism).

Lift performance

Meets BCO requirements

Handling capacity 15% of served population in a 5 minute
period (100% up peak).

Average up peak waiting time of no more than 25 seconds
at main lobby floor.

Full Destination Control.

Entrance bias between ground and basement level (90|10).

Average car loading no more than 80% of actual capacity.

Main lobby lifts

4 x 1,000kg, 13 person @ 1.6m per second.

Service lift

1 x 2,000kg, 26 person @ 1.0m per second.

Single entry serving all levels.

Fire fighting lifts

There are two fire fighting lifts. One of the lifts in the main
passenger group is a combined passenger fire fighting lift.
The service lift is also a combined service fire fighting lift.


Entrance hall and reception

Two fully glazed full height revolving doors and one pass door. Natural granite floor and stone walls with bronze rear wall and lift lobby highlights.

Lift lobby

Granite flooring, fabric ceilings and bronze lift reveals.

Offices level 01-05

Category A specification including: Metal tiled raised floor. White emulsion painted internal walls. 150mm overall raised floor zone level 01-04. 250mm overall raised floor zone level 05. Flush perforated metal tiled suspended plank ceiling 1,400 x 375mm on a 100mm wide support in 1,500mm modules incorporating lighting system and fire detection system. Perimeter diffuser grilles in perimeter plasterboard ceiling. Blind box at perimeter to accommodate blinds for user controlled comfort and anti-glare for BREEAM Hea 01 visual comfort.


Naturally daylight lit washrooms. North facing double glazed frosted glass units behind quartz zodiac wash basins and floating mirror. Stretched fabric ceiling. Natural granite stone floors. Natural Portland stone walls. Laminate cubicle finishes with bronze detail, ceramic floor tiles to all cubicles and bronze ironmongery. One full height mirror to all bathrooms.


Electrical supply

The building has two 400V supplies, with a total of 1,100 kVA capacity.

Design criteria (offices)

Lighting 7.5W per m2

(12 W per sq m maximum allowance)
Small power allowance 25W per m2

Upgrade allowance 10W per m2

Illumination levels (offices)

Illumination levels 500 lux
WCs 150-200 lux with 500 lux over vanity units

Backup power

A 200 kVA standby generator for supplies to essential landlord equipment is installed, with future pro-vision for a 550 kVA tenant standby generator in a dedicated basement plant area.


Fire Detection

Means of escape for the office accommodation is based on phased evacuation, with an occupant density of 1 person per 6m2. The building will be fitted with an automatic fire detection and alarm system complying with BS 5839: Part 1 2013 – Category L1. A Category L1 system is designed to offer the earliest warning of fire. The system will incorporate voice alarm in accordance with  BS 5839-8: 2013 and an emergency voice communication system in accordance with BS 5839-9: 2011.


The security will be installed on the floorplates not just wireways. Video Intercom will be provided in the based build on the loading and main entrance. CCTV will be installed externally and in the internal core lobbies where required at base build for protection of the fire fighting areas.


Ventilation rates

Base Provision 12 litres/second/person

1.5 litres/second/ m2
Infiltration Summer 0.25 air changes/hour
Infiltration Winter 0.5 air changes/hour
Toilet Ventilation 10 air changes/hour extract

8 air changes/hour supply

External design

Summer 30oC db, 21oC wb
Winter -4oC, 100% rh

Internal design (office area)

Summer 24oC +/- 2oC db
Winter 20oC +/- 2oC db

Cooling loads (occupants)

Density 1 person per 8 m2
Sensible Gain 11.25W / m2
Latent Gain 6.25W / m2

Small Power

Base provision 25W / m2
Additional Capacity 10W / m2
Lighting Gain 12W / m2

Fan Coil System (Air Con)

Internal 4 pipe fan coil system
Perimeter 4 pipe fan coil system


The building management system allows for an intelligent connection between the landlord and tenant services to allow for independent tenant control.


BREEAM target ‘Excellent’ (2011). Efficient design of building form and massing. Passive solar design and façade optimisation. Optimisation of building envelope thermal properties High levels of air tightness 3m3 / hour / sq m @ 50 pa. High performance thermal insulation in the external envelope to achieve U-Values of:

Opaque façade areas 0.3W / sq m K
Entire window 1.8W / sq m K
Entire window 1.8W / sq m K

(including glazing and framing)
Roof 0.2W / sq m K

High performance, high light transmittance, low iron, low g-value glazing to entire building. Articulated façade to provide solar shading. Increased local area biodiversity with extensive green and landscaped roofs and bird box(s). Solar hot water collectors on roof to serve domestic hot water services heat recovery on main office mechanical ventilation equipment. High efficiency LED lighting combined with PIR and daylight-sensitive controls. Heat recovery on main office mechanical ventilation equipment. Intelligent automated solar shading system to level 06 and 07 double skin façade to reduce solar gains and fan coil energy loads.